Do You Have An Offboarding Workflow?

Do You Have An Offboarding Workflow?


Most of the clients I work with when setting up their Dubsado* accounts don't have off-boarding workflows. And even quite a few don't ask for feedback / reviews.


If this is you then you are missing a trick!


Reviews are great marketing content. But more so than that, you should always be asking for feedback on the service you have provided. If you don't ask, then how are you going to make sure your service is the most amazing thing that has ever been. It doesn't matter how long you've been doing what you're doing, there may be that one client who might suggest something to uplevel your package that no-one else has ever mentioned before.


My off-boarding workflow goes something along these lines:


💌 7 days after the project end date I send them the Feedback form (do this quite quickly after the project so that everything is still fresh in their mind). Within this form I ask the general questions, but I also ask if they are ok with me using their feedback on marketing material. I even go one step further and ask them for a headshot or a video of their feedback.


💌 set myself some todo's to remember to archive Google Drive folders, delete any login info in LastPass, archive project in Dubsado. GDPR an’ all that!


💌 send the client a Goodbye Pack explaining everything that will happen now that our contract has finished (don't just leave your clients high and dry once you've finished, it's nice to tie things up in a nice little bow and let them know that you are now officially finished and what happens next if they need any further help). Watch out for a blog post later on all about what I put in my Goodbye pack!


💌 set myself a todo to remember to share any content I can on social media (with the consent of the client) of the project and also the testimonial I've just received from the client after they've completed the Feedback form


It doesn't need to be overly complicated, so if you don't have an off-boarding workflow now is the time to create one!

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