3 Ways to Create Sub-Headers Within Dubsado Forms

3 Ways to Create Sub-Headers Within Dubsado Forms

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Form design within Dubsado can be an absolute art form, and can really boost the professionalism of your business. Especially because Dubsado is aimed at the creative freelancer. And if your forms aren't showing off your creative side then you're missing a trick.

Using sub-headers within forms is a way to break up the text / questions to make them easier to digest, but it also allows you to show off some of your branding and creative side. Call me sad, but a badly designed form really gets to me. It puts me off filling it out, and the last thing you want to do is put your clients off from completing these forms that are probably really important to you and how you deliver your service.

The best way to break up question after question is to group similar questions together and use sub-headers to split these up. Add in a few graphics / images also to add in that extra something interesting.

So, here's three ways you can add a sub-heading into your form:

01. Using a Text Box

Simply add in a text box into your form and use the formatting options to change the text into a sub-header - amending the size, colour and position.

02. Using a Table Within a Text Box

You can achieve the same results with the next two points. However, the font selection within Dubsado is limited at the moment - if you don't have a brand font that is within Dubsado you might want to skip to the next point. But if you do then you can create a sub-header box just using the Dubsado features.

01. Firstly, add in a text box to your form.

02. Then add a table.

03. Add in the text you want. Format text by changing size, font, position and colour.

04. Change the table background colour to one of your brand colours.

05. Click the paint brush button table style and select hide/show border.

And there you have your sub-header without any need for another app or piece of software.

03. Using a Graphic Designed in Canva

Obviously, using Canva will give you a bit more freedom when creating any graphics for Dubsado. For sub-headers use the dimensions 1500 x 100 and get creative.

01. Add in an image box.

02. Upload the image.

03. Select the image.

04. Tada!

Three ways you can create sub-headers to break up your forms. I'd love to see how you've used these different ways to create sub-headers within your forms. Come share them with me over on Instagram or Facebook.




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