An Entrepreneur's Christmas List

An Entrepreneur's Christmas List

1 Leopard print laptop case....because we all need a bit more leopard print in our lives!

2 Stylus pen for mobile phones.....I want to put more creative effort into my Instagram stories and this will help me massively!

3 Mellow Doodles A3 Wall Calendar 2020....I just love this wall calendar and LOVE supporting biz buddies. Go check out her Colouring Book too.

4 Glass Dry Wipe Desktop Memo Pad...this will save ALL of those post-it notes I get through making notes of things that don't need to go on my daily todo list.

5 Blue Snowball Microphone...I'll be recording my video course in 2020 so need to get a decent mic. Hopefully, this will do the job. If anyone has a better recommendation for a fairly cheap-ish mic please let me know!

6 Daylight SAD Lamp...if you live in a country anything like the UK you will totally understand the need for one of these. Every year I say I'm going to get one, but this year I'm definitely getting one. If you don't know what these lamps are for, they give you that boost of sunlight that is needed during the winter months. I get Seasonal Affective Disorder every year, some years worse than others. And since it's been such a grey autumn I have a feeling this year might be a bad one.

7 Made to Plan 2020 Planner...this is the first year I've forked out for a decent planner. I tend to just use notepads and my Google Calendar. As much as I've tried to go digital with all my planning and scheduling, I really love paper. So, I'm excited to get creative with this. Expect some plan with me content in 2020!!!




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