6 Key Benefits to Building Systems within Your Business

6 Key Benefits to Building Systems within Your Business

Systems...what are they and why do I need them? Systems are everything you do within your business. From what you do if someone asks you about the price of your service, to how you schedule your social media. These are all systems. You'll have these already, probably not written down in an official document, but you'll have them. So, maybe it's time to review all the major systems you have in your business. Marketing, client work, organisation etc. Is the software you use working for you? Can you automate anything within that system?

Since we're in the season of planning for 2020, make sure you are also reviewing everything within your business for 2019.

Here are my 6 reasons why I think systems are important:

No. 1: Creating systems will force you to think through the process and improve it.⠀

I talk about client on-boarding a lot, as I think it's one of the most important systems to have in place. It's the first impression your new potential client has of you. So think about what you do now. Is it haphazard? Do you forget things? Is it disorganised? ⠀

Creating a simple step by step of how you want to onboard a client will help you to think about the process and the experience the client has. Once it's all down on paper it may look like an absolute mess, or you may find that there are actually too many steps to it. ⠀

Having this process written down will give you a clearer picture of how you want the whole process to happen.

No. 2: Having a system in place makes you consistent in your delivery

Do you forget to do things? I know I am the worst at remembering things unless they are written down! If I didn't have a list of actions for each part of a project I would be literally the worst. I mean, I still make booboos. But I make less now that I have these systems in place. ⠀

I think this is particularly important when you are charging higher rates. The more money you charge, the more a customer/client expects from their experience. If you are thinking of upping your prices, now is the time to sit down and think about the systems you have in place and how you can improve them and make them consistent. ⠀

No. 3: Having a system in place allows you to onboard new team members quickly.⠀

Does training a new team member take you a lot of time. Well, having a system, SOP's and a hub for all training videos and material will make on-boarding new team members painless. ⠀

I love Asana for this, but you can use any project management system, or simply a Google Drive folder. Create video tutorials, write out SOP's, store all the relevant links, log-ins that they will need to get started.⠀

No. 4: Having a system in place lets you come up with and implement new ideas.⠀

Once you've got your process written down, you'll be able to see where improvements can be made. Steps can be merged together, or even eliminated totally. You will be able to implement the new ideas easily as your SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) will show you which parts of the process will be affected.⠀

No. 5: Having systems in place allows you to take more time off from admin tasks.⠀

Whether you want to spend that time in a spa, or working on gaining more clients. Having extra time is what we're all after, am I right?!⠀

How would you spend that extra time? Leave me a comment below.⠀

No. 6: Having systems in place makes your business more valuable.⠀

If you ever did decide to sell your business, having these systems in place will increase the equity value. Need I say more!⠀

This is the last of the 6 Key Benefits to Building Systems. I hope I've managed to talk you into looking into the systems you have (or don't have) in place that could really help you out. These things take time to set up, but you won't ever feel like it's wasted time. I promise. If you need some help, give me a shout. ⠀





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