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It’s time to get rid of that overwhelm!



This service is tailored for service-based creatives who want to build a system to automate and streamline their client experience. 


My clients come to me because their admin is taking over their life, leaving little time for them to actually work on the tasks that they started their business for. They got massively overwhelmed by the amount of time and effort it was going to take to figure out how to set up Dubsado.

I completely understand if that’s how you feel right now. That’s how I felt too (and I didn’t have a me to help me set mine up!). I want you to know that I created the Slay Your Setup Method to efficiently set up accounts in the least amount of time.

time to say hello to...



An intense 30-day Dubsado setup that helps service-based creative business owners automate their admin, save them time and wow their clients with a sparkly client experience. 




Automated workflows that save you time?

Imagine spending just 1 hour instead of 3 on onboarding a client!


A seamless client experience which will lead to emails about how easy it was to book a call with you?


Proposals that make your leads sign up and pay their deposits immediately (I can’t guarantee this every time!!!)?


Life Before Dubsado



You’re feeling absolutely overwhelmed because you’re doing all the admin, manually creating every email, proposal, invoice, contract. Sick of writing the same email for the 10th time today. Sick of creating proposals from scratch every time.


You’re forgetting to send clients emails, forms because your process of working with a client is all in your head and your actual todo list is a mile long.

You’re up late at night, working weekends, and hating the fact that you aren’t actually spending any time growing your business, never mind spending time with your family, doing the things you love to do.


Life After Laura


You can onboard a lead and only need to show up to the discovery call. Your automated, beautiful proposals convert better and you don’t even need to touch them! You don’t have to spend one-hour crafting an email to someone who hasn’t paid their invoice on time because Dubsado now does it all.


Your clients are constantly telling you how much they enjoyed working with you because projects were well managed, and delivered on time. You set expectations and delivered. They felt so cared for that they now shout about you to anyone who will listen. Who needs a referral scheme anyway?!


You take your kids to the beach and actually leave your phone at home because your automated onboarding workflow is doing all the hard work for you.


Phase 1:


Whether you have workflows already, or none at all, we will start at the same place - with 75-minute brainstorming call where we will fully map each workflow. Following the call, I will send you a Workflow Action Plan with your fully detailed workflows and an overview of all the documents that will be needed within the workflows.


(3 workflows only)

Phase 2:



Once we have an overview of the content needed within the workflows, I will suggest one of three packages:

(to view the full package details, please click HERE)


Want to know how the Slay Your Setup Method works?

kind words

Charlotte Ferris


Honestly, working with Laura is exactly how outsourcing should be - effortless! Laura is incredibly knowledgable and organised, so helpful and provides amazing communication every step of the way too. I'm so pleased I've had the pleasure of working with her and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Amy Johnson


Laura took something that felt completely overwhelming and broke it down to make it manageable. The process of working with Laura to set up my Dubsado has also cemented my procedures and workflows within my business. The templates and designs that she created capture my brand and I am completely happy with the overall service. I would definitely recommend Laura for all your Dubsado needs!

April Hodge


I found the Audit very helpful and loved how detailed it was. I liked the fact it included suggestions and then package ideas so I had an idea of costings. Highly recommend for anyone starting out with Dubsado. Thank you Laura :)



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