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About Me...

Hey, I'm Laura!

I have worked as an administrator / office manager for over ten years in a busy architectural practice, and 5 years previous to that in the hospitality trade. I enjoy helping people.


But the pressure of trying to juggle work and a family lead me to my Virtual Assistant life, giving me much needed flexibility to continue what I enjoy whilst still being able to do the school runs. This change started a new chapter, a new challenge, an opportunity to grow and develop, it started Laura Fellows VA.


The fundamental reason for making this career change was to be able to spend more

time with my family. Being a Virtual Assistant I hope that I can do the same for you, free up some of your time to spend more wisely – maybe making more leads for your business, maybe taking the time out to look after yourself, or maybe to spend more time with your family. Creating Laura Fellows VA to help people better organise their business and, in turn, free up more time for what is really important to them is what this is all about. It is what motivates me. I am one of those weird people who enjoys doing the accounts / bookkeeping. Numbers make sense to me! And a lovely zero inbox makes me smile on the inside! Admin and management tasks make my head happy and being creative makes my heart happy. 




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