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Yeay! You're one step closer to less overwhelm!

This service is tailored for service-based creatives who want to build a system to automate and streamline their client experience. 


My clients come to me because their admin is taking over their life, leaving little time for them to actually work on the tasks that they started their business for. They got massively overwhelmed by the amount of time and effort it was going to take to figure out how to set up Dubsado.

I completely understand if that’s how you feel right now. That’s how I felt too (and I didn’t have a me to help me set mine up!). I want you to know that I created the Slay Your Setup Method to efficiently set up accounts in the least amount of time.

I help service-based creatives achieve a referral-worthy client experience while saving them

5+ hours per week without being chained to their inbox.

I know that this service is perfect for you because I understand where you are right now. I was there too. My son was just young, I had a part-time corporate office job and was running my business on the side. My business was growing, which was amazing, but I had no systems in place to deal with the ever-increasing amount of admin. And don’t get me started with my client experience. It was a mess. I just needed more time!


I used about six different programs which never really worked well together, forgot tasks along the way and expected my clients to physically sign contracts, scan them in and send them back to me…..not exactly very virtual of a virtual assistant!

Fast forward to implementing Dubsado and now spending 20 minutes onboarding a client instead of probably about 3 hours. Sigh!


Because I personally know the impact Dubsado can have on not just your business, but your life, it is my mission to be able to help as many people as possible get on their Dubsado journey and start to gain back some control over their lack of time.



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A how-to pdf guide on setting up your Dubsado account, diy style!

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