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I help service-based creatives achieve a

referral-worthy client experience while saving them 5+ hours per week without being chained to their inbox.

Do you want to know how you can wow your clients, have more time to grow your business, learn a new hobby and actually spend time with your family?

As a VA myself, it hurts me to say this, but you don’t need to hire a virtual assistant to help you out with the mountains of admin you have that piles up on you daily. All you need is Dubsado!

One lovely bit of software which will help you to create a system to automate your admin using

workflows, send beautiful proposals that increase your conversion rate, and chase late payments in

your sleep. 

Sounds amazing, doesn't it?!

What if you jumped on the Dubsado train months ago, managed to create a contract and then got

so unbelievably overwhelmed by the amount of time and effort it was going to take to set the

whole thing up? Have you even been paying for Dubsado and not even really using it?

Imagine turning all that mess into a beautifully flowing client process in just 30 days!

hey there! i’m  laura

After using Dubsado in my own business for over a year, and also helping my clients set up their accounts, I know how beneficial this one bit of software can be to you and your business. 

I've researched other CRM's and nothing compares to Dubsado for creative, service-based businesses. Being able to onboard a client with minimal amount of effort on your part is a lifesaver. Say goodbye to hours of admin, say goodbye to ugly, clunky CRM's, say goodbye to clients that aren't wowed by your seamless appointment scheduling process! 

Because I know how amazing Dubsado is, I want to be able to help as many people as possible make sure they are fully utilising this program. That's why I have created multiple ways in which I can help you. From freebies, to DIY options, all the way up to the full set up package.

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How to cut your admin, banish overwhelm and streamline your client experience by setting up Dubsado the right way!


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